alison (nopoppersforme) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

the front of my face, the back of my face, and an etsy sale!

Hey GUDU! Here's my too-infrequent post where I promise to post more but shoot, time flies! I can't remember when I posted last or what it was about, so here's a recap. What you'll see under the cut: Why I buy my hair its own drinks. The back of my face at 11,000 feet up. I had my 15mm labret sewn up! See before picture, stitched up picture, and a couple healing up to now pictures. And I dyed my hair red! And it's THIS LONG now! Aaaaaand big sad face, my partner and I of five years are splitting. Not really trying to get into talking about that; long story short, I'm running away up a mountain to hide and heal for a while. SO! Sale in my etsy shop! Coupon code below!

i got tired of my dreads drinking my drinks. now they get their own.

11000 feet. (rocky mountain national park). not a shabby view. :)

pretty nice shot of my 15mm labret. (this was like 2005 and my first set of dreads)

march 2012. no more 15mm labret. also yeah, it hurt. :P

red dreads, labret healing at 6months. sept 2012

red dreads!

back of my face, dec 2012

front of my face, dec 2012 (9months post-face-op)

back of my face, jan 2013

all these dreadlocks still can't hide my curls :)

my hair is THIS LONG! feb 2013!

WHEW! Never woulda thought I'd go red, but I really like it. It's fading some, planning to redye soon. ALSO, as promised, hit up my etsy with coupon code NEWSTART for 25% off! I'll only have my etsy up for about another week or two, while I pack up my apartment and head for the hills for a while. <3 you, GUDU. :)

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