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3 year update on thing one

thing one turned 3 years old in march, and just reached 3 year 1 month last weekend. its gotten so long and its tempting me to dread the rest of my hair and make the commitment. i think back over these past three years and regret not having dreaded my whole head at the time, because they would be SO LONG now. like, middle of my back long. i'm also seeing other people who started their whole heads around the same time i did and i yearn for their long and beautiful locks.

i currently work at Chilis as a Togo Specialist and they allow us to have dreads and tattoos (just no weird colors, or my blonde hair would be bright blue right now) and i have to wear my hair up at work because i'm around food. i'm usually wrapping thing one around my bun or pony tail to keep it out of the food. its so long that when i go to pick up a tray of food, it likes to hitch a ride on the tray. one day i even got chocolate syrup in it and didnt discover it till the next day! gross! so, like i said, it gets wrapped up around my hair. but at the end of the day i get a fun little curly dread for a few hours till it straightens itself out. but i LOVE my job and am FINALLY making some decent money (hourly plus tips) and its only part time so i still get to go out and have a social life.

i tried doing some thread wraps for a while, but didnt like what it was doing to my hair so i've removed them. they only lasted a month or so, so no long term damage thank god.

its so long tho! i cant get over that. it likes to sneak into the collars of my shirts and tickle my back. ^_^ i can also reach it all the way around my face so its touching my right ear. just waiting for those few extra inches so i can just thread them through my ear holes and have a sturdy dread stashe. ;)

anyway on to some pictures

after work. the tip of my dread goes off camera.

sneaking into pictures.

last fall

texture shot from last fall


more sneaking into pictures.

thing one getting to meet Grant Imahara from Mythbusters. :D

and Garret Wang from Star Trek Voyager

and now current pictures i just took. lol.
compared to a ruler

current stashe!

current length down my back. it now reaches way past my back tattoo.

anyway, thanks for looking ya'll! maybe one day i'll bite the bullet and take the plunge and dread the rest of my hair. and when that happens i'll be back. :D

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