youknowthedeal (pixiesfetish) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

 photo WAH_zpsd28d2a70.jpg
Fellow dreadheads, I need some help. I have to send one photo to a film/documentary I hopelessly want to be involved in. I couldn't decide which photo I should send in. Do you guys lean towards one more than the other? It doesn't have to have encompass every part of me, they said to send in a photo that I think would get me accepted. Thanks so much! A lot of photos underneath the cut!

 photo IMG_8522_zps28c54eaa.jpg
 photo IMG_8514_zpsc71286a4.jpg
 photo IMG_8511_zps6c178c36.jpg
 photo IMG_8510_zpsaadaf497.jpg
 photo IMG_8509_zpsb8707cbd.jpg
 photo IMG_8508_zps44e50c26.jpg
 photo IMG_8499_zps5508004f.jpg
 photo IMG_8491_zps4e96b389.jpg
 photo IMG_8415_zps0d98986f.jpg
 photo IMG_8414_zpse3ed7bc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8412_zpseb67da8c.jpg
 photo IMG_8409_zpsa178ac50.jpg
 photo IMG_8404_zpse8fdd5e3.jpg
 photo IMG_8402_zps9e3b6277.jpg
 photo IMG_8400_zps629a43a6.jpg
 photo IMG_8395_zpsaa72accb.jpg
 photo IMG_8392_zps7905c5aa.jpg
 photo IMG_8388_zpsc4123a31.jpg
 photo IMG_8380_zps3d41b568.jpg
 photo IMG_8378_zpse6c98d2e.jpg
 photo IMG_8360_zpsb45f3c2d.jpg
 photo IMG_8357_zps5c975437.jpg
 photo IMG_8348_zps9d302d3c.jpg
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