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Color Nightmare- advice?

Hey everyone!!
I've been a long-time lurker and seldom poster.

I have really screwed up my hair.

I have done some terrible things to my hair this week in an attempt to remove the teal color from my hair. I had Ion Color Brilliance Brights teal/sky blue mixed into my hair. I touched it up once in five months, and it had barely faded.

...I just wanted my brown back.Photo on 4-14-13 at 5.44 PM #2

Then, I bleached it to a pale cotton candy blue. blegh. Dyed over it with an ash brown and a light red. This pond scum was the result.
Photo on 5-6-13 at 2.55 AM #2

I added in some extensions, trying to hide the ugliness, but the green color showed through (you can see it on the wispy ends of my hair)
Photo on 5-9-13 at 12.23 PM

Then I color oops'd it out and this is what I am left with. A coppery, greeny, hideous mess. A mosaic of vomit, if you like.
Photo on 5-10-13 at 3.04 AM

So I am left wondering what to do. I set up an appointment to have the color dyed over and fixed next week, but I am really nervous. She won't bleach it, so I am worried the color will just be green again.

What if I'm stuck with green hair? I wear dreads, and I don't want to look like I have mold in my hair, because I represent an entire community of really cool people with clean locked hair.

I don't know what to do, or who to trust with my hair.

I kind of want to bleach it one final time on my own, since salons feel it's a liability and won't do it. The hair isn't snapping off and breaking and it is still maintaining its elasticity and all, but ... any advice anyone? I am not worried about having short baby dreads as long as I can still attach my extensions. I strongly regret this teal now...

I'd be even willing to go see you, Lish, if you think you can help. I am nervous and scared and don't want to cut my hair as it's been short for the last 5 or so years. v____v I dun goof'd. Any words of encouragement or ... well anything would be helpful.

Thanks everyone for being neato! I love to watch your hair progress and grow and change! <3

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