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Color disaster- mostly fixed; good enough!

Hello all.

So, my color disaster post (two posts back) was sad and terrible. This post is glad and acceptable, however! I am giving an update as per request of mme Lish. Pics after the cut (sorry if they're kinda big)

So, first I had this greenish mess. I also cut off all my wispy tips.
Photo on 5-11-13 at 1.50 AM #3

My friend kourtney (a stylist) put on some high-lift red to dreads in groups of 5, and immediately washed it out. It really helped to tone out a lot of green. However, it was a bit imprecise and I was left with greenish tips. It was much better than the day before. MUCH BETTER.

Then, we decided to really keep that damn green at bay, we'd lay a brown over it that is a shade darker than my natural hair. I kind of hate this color brown on me, but it blends alright into my extensions and should fade a bit with time, washing, and summer sunlight!
Photo on 5-14-13 at 12.59 AM #2

Finally, sneaky me added my extensions to the dreads that wrap around my entire hairline so I can put my hair into a ponytail and pretend to not look like a goofy clownhuman when I go out in public. My lighter blondish extensions just sort of look like a grown out hair-lightening job, and you cannot see any hint of green in my hair anymore, so yay for science! I have 19 extensions in and I need to add about 30-35 more until I am done, but I am happy to not look like a pond scum lagoon creature. XD
Photo on 5-14-13 at 3.44 PM #3

Thanks to everyone who was supportive and encouraging. :)

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