lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

six years!

i trimmed over a half pound of dread from my head. :D

this shows the marking (small white rubberbands), halfway trimmed, & fully trimmed. i left three nape dreads long for nostalgia, & to see just how epic & crazy they'll get. if they become intrusive, i'll just tie them together in a single knot.

boom, that's 232g, or .51lb - over half a friggin' pound. & that doesn't include the three i left long. this makes sense with math i posted ages ago - at the six year mark, you have twice to thrice as much hair on your head as you would with brushable hair. (100000 average hairs on the human head; 50-100 hairs shed per day; my hair's terminal length is mid-thigh so i'll assume fewer shed hairs; 50 hairs per day shed over six years is 109500 hairs. there you go.) the average head of brushable, waist-length hair is about half a pound, so it follows that the part i removed would be about a half pound by itself!

the insides are clean & gunk-free. don't insult your dreads with product, people!

using the long ones to tie the short ones is fun. :)

& the full, updated timeline pic - they'll be six years in october!

having lived with shorter dreads a few weeks now, i don't know why i waited QUITE so long. it's so comfortable & convenient to have them shorter, & they're still plenty long enough to style.

i meant to post with the new color scheme too, but i'm only about a third done with that, & i don't know when i'll have another chunk of free time either to finish the work OR edit more pics. so, there you go. :)

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