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2.5 Month Old Baby Dreads! & Intro post

Hello all! I'm Cali and this is my first post EVER to LJ - I made an account for the purpose of GUDU and have spent the past 3 months going through all the memories and reading backlogged posts.

Please enjoy my timeline under the cut with lots of pictures!

I'm currently 21 and have been wanting dreadlocks since I was about 14. I experimented with synthetic yarn dreadlocks in high school (looking back on that, I really hope I never left the house with yarn tied into my hair haphazardly) and when I was 20 I bought some synthetic dreadlocks and tied them in - I loved them but they looked to unnatural for me, so this summer I began my own hair dreading process.

I sectioned with rubber bands, and then did some backcombing and palm rolling.


A day later they were all created.


Here they are nearly a month in:


About 6 weeks here:


This one had separated itself shortly into the process but recently has begun dreading all on its own.


and 2 months:

Photo on 9-11-13 at 12.03 AM
last week:

Photo on 9-18-13 at 4.59 PM

I wash about once a week with a non-sulfate tea tree shampoo, and I tug the roots apart a little bit upon exiting the bath but mostly my maintenance is palmrolling/sorting some loose ends while I'm doing some reading for classes. My undercut is taking a while to grow back but once it is around 6 inches I'm going to section them, backcomb/palmroll and then leave it be.

I'm content with them and love watching all the changes they've made. They're starting to look like actual dreads right now which is great!
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