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Oh Gosh. 2 years and 5 months. Life happens.

Not much has gone on since i've last updated, but I figured i'd update anyways because I miss you guys and I know how much I love to look through photos of other people's dreadies...so I'd share some of my own. :)

Taken just 10 minutes ago! If I look tired/miserable that's because my boyfriend just flew off to Germany 2 days ago. :( I'm stuck in Texas living with my mother until I graduate in December, then i'm off to be with him. 77 days....needs to go by a lot faster.
9 - 2 year 5 mo2

Day 1

Month 1
2 - 1 mo

Month 9
3 - 9 mo

1 year 3 Months
4 - 1 yr 3 mo

1 year 11 months
5 - 1 yr 11 mo

Year 2
6 - 2  year

2 Years 4 months
7 - 2 year 4 mo

2 years 5 months, Current
8 - 2 year 5 mo

Man, Oh man. I need maintenance badly. Still haven't had any since I started them! Also looking to dye them soon, whenever it's convenient. As for life updates, aside from my love leaving the country and my graduating from my life-leaching art school...i've lost 20lbs since May and am still shedding more. I FEEL GREAT!!! I've also been trying to start up side businesses to save money and chip away at school loans. I've got my photography going, my "customer service" job, working on mead making, and just started up an Etsy shop to sell dread beads and other art! :) Shameless plug here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MordKraft Check it out! Just listed a bunch of fun Halloween beads! I do custom orders, so don't be afraid to ask! I've also set up a coupon code for you guys. GUDU10 , get 15% off your order.

Off to stalk all of your photos now. :)
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