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Deluge of photos from an old friend.

Hi All!

It's been a while since I was here, or even posted. I have missed you dreaded folks!  I wonder if LJ is done reformatting for a little while.

I'm in Southern Colorado these days. Enjoying my life in a new relationship - a transition which came complete with moving-in together, and it's all been so sudden. I finally have internet again, after three years of traveling that really prohibited LJ time. I have yet to read through the past few months to get caught up with what's new here, but, "Hi, my name is Morgan, and I like you people."

I have amassed some hair photos, more, more recently, because there has been more significant change in the passed two months than others.  I posted a LARGE amount of photos.  I miss you guys.

The new boyfriend and me, on a trip to Nederland and Boulder.  Dreads six months.

My dog, Gypsy, in Boulder.  She is three-and-a-half.

December 2013, dreads a little over a month.  Neglect.  The LAST time I was in Fresno.

My friend brought over wax.  It was too much for me.

I got stranded in Las Vegas for two months.  I had wanted to be there for New Year's week, to celebrate friends getting married, and to drop a friend off.  I got sold a lemon of a van.  What three very happy "adults" look like in an S15, while still new in town.  And not having had starved yet.

This was my living statue hustle, from New Year's Eve to the end of February.  Caesar's Palace.  It was fun, but too much work in the cold.  I would walk forty-five minutes at least in costume to get to my spot, finish painting, set up, stand for a few hours and hike back.  Nighttime was the best for this, and reactions ranged from disbelief, shock, terror, admiration, and humor.

Caesar's Palace.

Here's the van I was sold.  I junked the GMC S15 I was living in the back of to pay for this.  The guy knew it, too.  He said that all I had to do was fix the brake problem in the back, and that I would be golden.  I had to replace the radiator, head gaskets, belts, water pump, fan clutch and battery.  He moved to Ecuador the day he sold it to me.  I left his house and overheated in eleven miles, across flat, congested Las Vegas.  This is on my quarter acre in New Mexico.

Living at the Sinclair truck stop in Las Vegas.  Three adults, three adult dogs, living together on the streets of Vegas.  Thankful to have a fifteen passenger van with tinted windows - it was the only way to survive that place.

Trying to be a trooper about being stranded, by taking pictures in my hat. That's a dead battery on a handtruck to be walked three miles to be charged.  EVERYTHING SUCKED.  TAKE PICTURES MAKE IT BETTER.

Still trying to remain positive while STILL living at Sinclair.

Mid-April, finally made it out of Las Vegas! This was while living in a cabin and going through a nasty break-up.  TAKE PICTURES MAKE IT BETTER.

Made it home in May to help my mom after her hysterectomy.  First time home since December 2012.  This is us on a hike near her house in Massachusetts.  ...My natural hair is not-a-single-thing similar to my mother's hair.  and this is not my natural hair pictured.

Since I left home my Mom took up rock and ice climbing (which was something I was going to college for).  This is us climbing in a gym  together for the first time.  I am very proud of her, and excited that she took up something so near to my heart.  Because of health issues, this is the first climbing I have done of any kind in three-and-a-half years.  Getting shown up by my mom who had just had a hysterectomy was a funny feeling, and I am impressed by her.  She climbs on the weekends with men in their twenties, in between paralegal courses at Boston University.

Two weeks ago I didn't feel that great, so I took a shower and some self-portraits.  That's the recipe for feeling better, sometimes.

10374934_10202107877478438_1402714446439077880_n (1)
They are shrinking.

Longest goddamn hair I've ever had, and it's only a third of my head's capabilities.  That's the only way I've managed this long - is allowing myself to compulsively shave the sides whenever, but grow out the mohawk.  Some days I think I might grow the dreads super long just to attempt to brush it out one day and have princess hair.  (I think future-me would regret that pretty quick, but at least nothing in the hair world is permanent - for most people.)


Getting loops for the first time, at seven months old.

Finally having "Home."  Check out those bunnies.  That's a puzzle our friend put together.  It is galactic as fuck.  We call them Spunnies.  She also made us one with white Bengal tigers in a hot pink poppyfield.

My buddy Luke, from Mass, took this while he visited our home and got introduced to the Southwest.  That is Mount Blanca.  For all the deserty shit to be put up with here, the sunsets, sunrises and mountains really keep you here or coming back.  This valley has kept me hostage at an almost equal rate as the Blackhole Fresno (if you've ever spent months in Fresno, you may know about the weird vortex there).

Are any of you guys nearby?
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