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NOT DEAD YET, a timeline.

My name is Manda. I supposed I am a recovered LJ addict, used to hang around here and write no-poo tutorials but I fell off the face of the Earth and climbed back on in other places.

While I refer people to gudu on probably a monthly basis, I just haven't gotten back into checking LJ or posting. But, yesterday I popped in to stretched with a question and decided that I should probably make a post here just to update everyone. Gudu has been such an influential part of my dreads, bodymods, and friend circles (online and off) that I can't just straight up quit it. So, here's my timeline in two acts.

The Before Times - This is what is left of my flickr, I don't pay for that anymore either now that I use tumblr and instagram. You can still see from start to 15mo there.

I started my hair via meeting myrrhdusa on here and making a pilgrimage to see her in Tennessee. I had just graduated college. Quit my first term at Americorps and about to start a new term with a nonprofit in Dallas that would lead to me eventually getting my first professional job managing federally funded after-school programs.

Then I met journalface, also via gudu, she's local and has been helping me maintain my beautiful mess ever since. She even made me extensions so that my dreads weren't so tiny and I wore those for a couple years.

But before I made the great Seattle pilgrimage to visit dread mecca (lishd) I took most of them out.

Which you should totally go because lish is the fucking shit and she made my hair her bitch.

This is probably a few months after I stopped posting here. My dreads were ~3.5 years old in this pic.

Moving on, most of these pics are from my tumblr which is where I moved most of my nonsense to but am still not as fulfilled there as I was with LJ. It's a thing, there's lots of pictures. I just miss the interaction of LJ, tumblr is very impersonal.

Close to year 4 I lost my job, no fault of my own our grant just ran out. I toyed with the idea of expanding my craft business and getting a new job doing what I had been doing for four years so I had my friend take some shots of me for both linkedin and my business should I decide to go with either.

my business

from the linkedin shoot

Ended up getting a job at another school district doing the same thing but hated it.

pretty much right at 4 years

sports are only good for booze, except women's soccer

~4.5 years old

Then on Christmas, my cat died. She was 8.5 years old and the love of my life. It was unexpected and broke my heart. Thus began my descent into a very deep depression this past spring.

Somewhere around March, I started to solidify plans to backpack through Europe. I fucking hated my job, I hated that I wasn't doing anything with my degree or interests, and I hated how miserable I was. I studied abroad in Germany and had always wanted to go back so what the fuck was stopping me? I had been responsible, my two terms in Americorps had paid off my student loans and I had been saving and clearing debt ever since. Knowing that I was about to peace out helped me start to reclaim myself.

~4.666 years

Started finishing unfinished tattoos.

Started actually marketing myself and my business. This was probably taken within a few days of my dreads 5th birthday.

Then I completed my lay-off (same deal: grant ran out so I ran off), fucked off to Europe and had the most amazing trip. My good friend and former co-worker decided to tag along.
Met names0fthedead and got some ink done by her (it's my favorite piece ever.) Probably was as starstuck as that one time I met lish too. Be still my heart.

Saw some old ass shit.

And confused people from London all the way to Istanbul.

It was pretty cool.

But the coolest was scuba diving. I got certified between Santorini and Rhodes, and scuba'd pretty much the rest of my time in the greek islands.

Which led to us getting our Advanced license and diving in the Red Sea.

So yeah, I'm home now and still figuring my life out. Where is everyone, what are you doing? Feel free to derail this post, I want to catch up with anyone and everyone.

You can still find me on tumblr but I'm up for migrating if you guys have a better place. I'm also on instagram @saffaux.

If you like cool yarn and craft stuff you can also find me at (still named for my old handle),, and on instagram @tastelessdesigns.
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