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Hello GUDU!

I did a deep clean, wanna see?

Here's my hot water & bicarb bowl before:
Deep cleaning my dreads

Here it is after I soaked and squeezed and poured:
Deep cleaning my dreads

Ew! That photo doesn't even show the silt that was at the bottom of the bowl...I knew it was gonna be gross though, I've been clearing out a shed the last week, and even with my hair covered I got filthy. I had to do a sinus rinse too...and anyone know how to deep clean lungs?

Anyway, then I put on my fetching plastic bag hat, and let it soak for a half hour or so while I made lunch:
Deep cleaning my dreads

Then I hopped in the shower and rinsed & rinsed & rinsed & rinsed & rinsed. I'm pretty sure I did a good job of the rinsing, because my dreads didn't taste like bicarb (oops, gave away my slightly weird method of telling if I've got all the soap or whatever out, I taste a dread.) but my hair still felt a bit...tacky? Sticky? Something, especially at the nape of my neck. So! On to the next rinse!

Did the soak-squeeze-pour thing again, this time with hot water and about two cups of white vinegar:
Deep cleaning my dreads

That's the after picture, so I guess the bicarb did a good job! And the vinegar rinse completely got rid of the sticky feeling, my hair felt awesome and soft. I guess that's why I never noticed a sticky feel from the bicarb before; I usually do my deep cleans with bicarb/salt/tea tree oil/lemonjuice or vinegar, all in the same tub. I just felt like something different today.

So I tried a rosemary rinse, because I have an enormous rosemary bush growing next to the house, and it has to be good for something, right? I made a big pot of rosemary tea:
Deep cleaning my dreads

Which looked like this strained:
Deep cleaning my dreads

Then I knelt over the tub again and poured it over my locks, and did the scoop & pour thing again with my cup, to make sure my scalp got saturated. Rosemary's good for dandruff and scalp itchies, I'm sure I read that somewhere. And the internet wouldn't lie to me.

Then I toweled and headbanged and toweled and dripped and sat in the sun and toweled and so on...I'm sure you know the drill! Until it was approaching dry, or at least not dripping.

Ta-dah! Clean hair! And kind of almost the same length at the bottom there; I had two that were 6-8 inches longer than the rest and driving me crazy getting into everything lately, so I cut them back a bit a few weeks ago. I'm good with my dreads being all different lengths and sizes and stuff, but those two were out of control.
Deep cleaning my dreads

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the rosemary rinse, now that I'm seemed to make my hair feel crunchy. But that might just be in comparison to how soft it felt after the vinegar rinse, and I suspect the real reason I don't dig it is that now my hair smells of rosemary, and I am a creature of habit and accustomed to my hair smelling of tea-tree oil. So, you know, not exactly a fault with the rinse..

Thanks for reading! Oh, also I made muffins:)
Cinnamon & apple muffins

Cinnamon & apple. They were yummy.
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