alison (nopoppersforme) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hey GUDU! It's been eighty months since my last haircut...

Any runners out there? I got back into running over the winter and just ran my first half marathon ten days ago (and am running my next half in a few days!) and a couple friends did ask "where there any other dreadlocks running?". The race was in the Redwoods in Humboldt county, CA, and there were a few dreadlocked spectators but I don't recall seeing any dreadlocks running.

Do you run? What do you do with your hair? I've been pulling it back in a ponytail because that's really all I can think to do with it, but as the weather gets warmer, I'd like to try to come up with something else. I tried two fat braids but they rub my shoulders and I'm concerned about chafing. I wear them up in a high bun when I'm working but I don't think I can get it secure enough to stay in place for running.

One of my most favorite things from this race was that I didn't even realize the photographer was taking a picture of the back of my face:

I am now referring to myself as "(hashtag) the runner with the hair". haha. If you use mapmyrun/mapmyfitness, let's be friends! I could use some running pals!

Or we can be normal pals on facebook ( or instagram (@kissmyovaries). I try to keep my running posts to a minimum but they definitely show up sometimes.
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