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Hello, is there anybody in there?

Hello, my beautiful dreadheads (it seems not as many since the last time I had an LJ account :/). It's been a long time since I was an LJ member, and a member of this community. I've been spending the past couple weeks re-reading the memories that I was able to access, and it's nice to see my old username in the there in the comments.

My last set of dreads only lasted a year and a half, and I miss them now more than ever. The decision to get rid of them was a few small reasons: they weren't started in a way that was to my satisfaction - I'd started them rather spontaneously, by myself with wonky sectioning, and it was annoying trying to get everything to cooperate; second, I was in the second year of my (original) career where people do take appearance seriously, and I felt judged whenever I met someone new in a work-related environment; third, the strangest reason was that I actually missed brushing my hair.

It's been several years since that set was removed, and now I'm at a point where my hair is long enough to annoy me, and long enough to start a decent set of dreads. I'm a bit torn, though. This fall, my sister is getting married and I'm slated to be a bridesmaid (so excited!), and I don't really want the backlash of having dreadlocks and the nagging my mother will no doubt have a field day with because of photos, etc. A couple weeks later, I'll be attending another wedding in the family, but they're pretty laid back. In all the years they've known me, they've never said anything negative about the million different things I've done to my appearance. They've lovingly kept their opinions to themselves, and I'm so grateful for it.

I'm 29. I'm back in school after leaving my last job, studying fitness and health (the hard sciencey stuff is my favourite). I've matured since the last set, and I'm still just as inept at maintaining brushable hair. The craving for dreads is real. I've been considering starting them for a couple months now. I'm not really worried about what people will think. I'm pretty good at doing whatever I want, thanks to visible body modifications acquired since I removed my last set of dreads. And yes, I'm back in school to start in a different career path, but I feel that if I'm able to prove to potential employers that I know my stuff (I think I'm quite brilliant lol), then they'll focus less on my hair and more on my abilities. I can always change my hair if I find it's worth it.

Today I did a routine colour job, but I'm soooo tempted to just lock everything up.
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