alison (nopoppersforme) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

what up GUDU! My hair is long.

i don't know what the rule is about your hair being longer than your dress. yes, i bought the dress.

sometimes other people's dogs wear my hair

here's a comparison thanks to timehop of what five years will get you

and what post would be complete without plugging my etsy shop? I'm about to move to Reno and attempt non-houselessness! so there's a coupon code GUDU20 that'll get ya 20% off. keeping the code active for, like, ever, so if you're reading this and it's like two years after the post, the code is still active provided i still have a shop! besides all the dread hats and headbands and owl mitts and two-headed elephants, there's a bunch of crocheted chains too:

and of course feel free to add me on the facebook and/or the instagrams (@kissmyovaries)! LOVE YOU GUDU DONT DIE OKAY

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