Nycholle (slinky_girl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Finally updating...

Hi all! Well I'm back and have lots of pix. I haven't posted in a very long time so if this post doesn't work correctly with images and cuts, please bare with me while I fix/update it. Seems like they've made things a lot easier now though. Let's give it a shot...

This was my hair dried and brushed out, immediately before starting my dreads... (also when my camera took better photos than my phone - hahaha!)...

As soon as the dreads were done... rocking the Sideshow Bob look...

Along the journey...

Around the 3 year mark I dyed them what was supposed to be purple and red, but turned into more of purple and pink. Also, my snakes enjoy my dreads because they all look alike. Haha! And that following fall I learned I could use my dreads as a scarf!

Just before the 4 year mark I dyed them again - purple and blue this time...

And finally, just taken today (a few months shy of 5 years)... in need of maintenance and hoping to dye them again next month... but my oh my how they've grown!!!

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