melissa (xsourkittenx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

sea salt

ok. i have been really skeptical about the whole sea salt thing. so i never bothered. and always thought people who raved about it were crazy.
i just thought, how could that work? that sounds so rediculous.

well. im always one to give things at least a try. so last night i figured i'd do a test.
i wet one of my fluffy dreads with water, and palmrolled it. nada.

then i wet another one of my fluffy dreads with salt water, palmrolled it, and it was like freaking magic.

so then i tried it on all these other dreads...and poof, instantly tighter!!

now im wondering, does anyone know exactly why sea salt water does this to your dreads?? im so curious as to why and how it works.
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