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well i'm not so great at taking pics of myself...

but i haven't posted in a long time and my dreadies seem to be turning more into dreadies by the day! It's been ten or eleven months since I stopped brushing my hair...'s me trying to take a pic of the back of my own head

from the can see my red bead :) it's my favourite

and yeah, i found these glasses. which fit over my other glasses!!?? it makes me feel like i'm on super troopers kinda

Also I had a question about washing. For a very long time I have just been putting my hair up most of the time when I shower, but then once a week or so I will give it a good rinse out, no soap. Then yesterday I used a bar of natural soap that I had to wash it a bit, because I was curious. I don't really see a whole lot of difference in the look or feel or smell of the hair, so I wondered if it was really even necessary. Do any of you just use water to wash out your hair, or do you all use some kind of soap/shampoo?

you guys are all great!
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