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Dreadlocks from a sociological perspective.

I think this is a great community. It brings many people from all walks of life together through a common interest.

And just to get a view of the diversity of this community Id like to ask everyone to leave a comment with a little about themselves. What kind of music do you listen to? What are your interests? etc. Just anything that you think Id like to hear about you, which is pretty much anything.

I'll start with a little about myself. My name is Bill, I live in Daphne, AL. I am half choctaw and my roots are important to me in many different ways. My favorite genre of music is Jam and my favorite band is String Cheese Incident. I hate labels but if I had to label myself, I would call myself a Hippie, dreadie etc., whatever you'd like to call it. I am engulfed in the Jam band festival/concert scene, I hope to go on tour with Phish or String cheese sometime in the next couple of years.

Your input in my little cultural study is muchly appreciated.

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