Karyn (restlesspoetry) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

thanks everybody for your input about bangs and dreads. i've decided i'm gonna go for it. yesterday it was so tangled up when i tried to take it down that the little hair band was *stuck* in my hair. it took me like 5 mins to untangle it enough to get it out. so dreads it is. my new question is: how do i do this? is there a site or something that has good descriptions? i'm totally new to this. and also, do i need to buy any products that makes it easier? i'm crazy broke right now, because my financial aid for school got cut off until i've passed a few classes. this means even stuff for like $10 will crash my budget. do i *need* whatever stuff is out there (and should wait until i have at least some cash) or can i make nice dreads without all that stuff?
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