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Not the best picture of my hair, but there isnt much to show in terms of dreadlocks. Anyway, I'm Jaime, 24 yo mama to a 2 year old boy.
I stopped combing my hair last August.
Its a mess but I like it.
You cant see it, but there are quite a few full-on dreads but mostly they are in back and underneath the top layer on the sides. My camera battery died so I couldnt take better pictures. Anyway, I have a monster dread in the back that is pretty big.
Um, other than that, my hair is super thick and I break hair elastics all the time. My user info page will tell you more about me if you care to know.
I have posted comments in some of your entries but other than that, this is my first real post. An introductory post, if you will.
I love dreadlocks and I am totally entertained by this community.
I'm sure I'll see you all around here.
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