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hey kids. i'm new to this community and also new to the hair locing journey.
here's me before my locs:

not gonna lie, i miss the fro, but im looking forward to sportin the locs.
and here i am at week 3 of my baby locs

(right now i'm at week 5 but i've yet to take a new picture)my hair is slowly starting to knot, but i'm trying my hardest to be patient.

on a side note, i think it's important to note where the term "dread" locs comes from. because i don't use the term "dread" locs because of its previous negative connotations.
as many of you probably already know, african american hair locs naturally because of its coily texture. back in the day europeans were appalled by our knotty and often loc(k)ed hair. it was commonly described as "dreadful". soon after the term was shortened in order to describe the hairstyle simply as dread locs. (i wish i could remember the book i read this's at my mom's house in west palm..i'll try and find it so i can quote it) with that being said, i don't think there is anything dreadful about my hair or its beautiful nappitural state. sorry to go on a rant, i just thought it was a point of interest.

i also found this quote online that i thought was kinda cool:
it is believed that mental and spiritual energies mainly exit the body through the top of the head and the hair. If the hair is knotted, the energy remains within the
hair and the body, keeping a person more strong and healthy.

that lil quote keeps me going whenever i get frusterated with my hair and it's delicate babyloc state.
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