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hey everyone, I just joined this community. I've had dreads for a couple months now. I've got some beads and one red straw in them. I dont know how to post pictures, but I would be happy to send some pictures to someone via email or aim if they're interested in seeing them. I'm just curious, what kind of funky objects do all you people have in your hair? I've tried putting in pieces of coral, pinecones, and other random natural objects. I was able to put a seed for pine tree inside one of my dreads, it's still there, I adore it. Hopefully it'll start growing? but I dont know if that's possible. It would be beautiful to have a little tree growing out of my dread. Also, what do your dreadlocks mean to you? Mine are an attempt to reconnect with tribalism I guess. yum. anyway, i'm happy I found this community.

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