(synthlox) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Greasy / Waxy / Sticky?

Hello again - I'm still mentally prepping myself for dreads, and I've been having discussions w/ my sweetie about the issue. He's concerned that my hair will be constantly waxy, sticky or greasy... and I really don't have much of an argument because I've never had real dreads! I have to agree with him on the hygene issue... I'm a very clean person, and I'm hoping that some of your testimonials will help alleviate my concerns!

My hair is long and straight (plus I'm impatient), so I'm getting a dread perm, so keep in mind that I'm not starting from scratch. I'd like to know what I will need to do to maintain my dreads, will I need to wax them regularly? Is there any way to keep them clean and soft, without gobbing them up with oily or waxy products? Any advice is appreciated!!

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