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It really pisses me off how so many people think dreadlocks are supposed to look a certain way.

My boyfriend's friend got his dreads "done" only a few weeks ago and my boyfriend made sure to tell me that his look so much better than mine because they were done "properly". Apparently all his friends think that mine were done WRONG or something and could look a lot better if done properly. God this fucking drives me nuts. I kept trying to tell him the methods used for his friend's dreads and mine were probably the EXACT same and that I've never seen dreads all the same length, tightness, no lumps, smooth, no loose hair, no frizz... but apparently his friend's are just fucking perfect, and he doesn't even have to use wax. So irritating.. like mine aren't good enough? Why do people think dreads have to be perfect? Mine are almost a year old, and I'm still hearing people say things like "oh, you're trying to grow dreads?".. no, I AM growing them. It isn't like they don't LOOK like dreads, but because I have loose hair and frizz and lumps and different lengths and some are skinny and some are fat.. oh, it must be a failed attempt! ugh.

anyway, I got really offended and took his comments really personally and he didn't understand why. blah. I'm so sick of shit like this, it makes me want to just cut them off. I'm just looking forward to when his friend's dreads start growing all weird like mine did after a few months.

in other news, I folded my tips up into each dread and wrapped little elastic bands around them. I hope it helps round the tips off!

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