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Ehm...I don't know if this has anything to do with this community but I thought I'd post it anyway :)
Has anyone in here ever seen that video of Soulfly - Seek 'n Strike ? Lately I've been addicted to it 'coz
1. it's a friggin' good song ^-^
2. it has these dreadheads in it that are dancing in the desert (which looks so cool) I just feel like joining them and dance my ass off :) The video also has this tribal feeling about's like that feeling you get when you meet another dreadhead :) It's just all so...tribal and dreadfriendly ^-^
Oh and at the end you see the dancing people from before standing together, bobbing their heads to the beats of the drums...which gives me that awesome tribal feeling again ^-^

I thought I'd share :) Sorry if I wasted anyone's time with this ^-^
You may kick me now :P
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