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Hello, I am sorry if this isn’t allowed in your community. Feel free to delete it. However this is something that everyone should get the opportunity to see.
Recipe to Cure your Boredom and Fulfill your Need to Read
1.join undead_authors LJ Book Club
2. Nominate and Vote for Books written by authors from many cultures and worldviews
3.Read, Review and Discuss among LJ's savviest intellectuals *wink*
4.Repeat steps 1-3
5.Relax and Enjoy undead_authors!

In short, this is a community that doesn’t focus solely on books by old/dead straight white men. This is for all of you who are into books by today’s authors but still love the classics. This is for you, no matter what color you are or where you live-- you know a good book when you see one!
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