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sea creatures old homes residing in one's knots

hey, someone was posting about having trouble putting shells in their hair. I just succeeded in putting a cute, conical shell in my hair, and I might be able to help them, depending upon what type of shell they're trying to use. What I did is I took the pointy end, and took a screw, and ever-so-gently punched a teeny tiny hole towards the top of the shell, and enlarged it bit-by-bit gently until it seemed thick enough to work a lock through (my dreads are pretty thin so I didnt have to break it too much). Then I took the screwdriver and broke off all the various shell-bits inside of the shell, leaving just the outside, and then I just put the lock through it. does that help? The whole idea might work for another shell too, as long as it's semi-similarly shaped?
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