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today is the day that i believe i shall undertake the great and muchly awaited removal of orange-ness from this dreaded head of mine
i am quite tired of walking around with orangeness..
specially since i never set off asking for orangeness
but orangeness has been an experience...
and now
since i live in funny country
i can't find purple dye
and i have settled for blue..
i've never tried blue.. --> this is the blue im using..4th from left : http://img13.photobucket.com/albums/v37/thick_paint/Group3.png
but it may just do the trick..
i also bought bleach..
a sachet and a bottle of liquidy stuff
ho hum
i really need to read more about this stuff..
i dont want my hair to fall out..
hmm...any experts in the field?
or maybe just people with experience..
those will do..
i shall settle..
any help to be had?
gorgeous persons?
smooches and love... :)
fanqyeew in advance

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