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I'm new to this community and I think it is SO great to see everyone's dreads and hear their stories. I figured I'd share mine...

So 9 months ago I decided "Hey let's get dreadlocks!" My parents hated the idea and fought it like mad, but in the end I got them. They were wonderful up until November when I got too busy to wax/maintain them all the time. Then I went through 4 or so months of hating my hair. But I was too stubborn and too in love with the idea of dreads to cut my hair. I wore it in a ponytail every day and had very few days when I actually loved them.

Last night I realized that all the wax was gone from my hair - and how great that felt, and I took them down and all of a sudden my hair was back to its original reddish brown colour, and dreaded so well (minus a few loopies), and its so long! So I washed it really well and conditioned my scalp with tea tree oil and such and wore it differently today!

My love affair with my hair has begun all over again. And I am SO happy. I'm going completely natural now with the dreadies - washing all the time still, but NO wax or products! I know it seems superficial to get so excited over hair, but my dreads are not just a hairstyle - they're a statement about who I truly am at heart (hippie granola tree-hugging kid) and they make me stand out from the crowd which is my basic goal in life.

I posted some pictures so you can see the yay hair day I am having today. Its raining/very humid out so they've gone crazy-go-nuts curly!

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