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so i posted here a while ago like...2 weeks? 3?? !!!

i dont remember - BUT...i had said i took my dreads out..and i did...i missed them uber much...

today i got home from school..and without even thinking about it...i made a dread...its the best one ive ever made i think..well one of them at least..its the only one i have..and im gunna deal with that (this is my fix for now)until my hair gets longer...and then i will have one KCIK ASS DREAD...aaaaand a buncha babies ^_^...but it looks really good..so i thought id share haha...

(my mom loves it, she never really minded the dreads though... "^_^ awww! it looks so cuuute!"...shes nuts & i love her.)

twist and rip ya'll...repreZentin

love you doods
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