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hair dye thingiemajiggies behind forecoming cut

this is what orange hair and dark brown roots bleached to (keep in mind i basically only had enough bleach for all my roots)..picture darkened the colour..next one shows the results better

there...blondie-ness...makes me see that i should never go blonde :)

these were taken with the hair dye still in there..i wrapped them into pigtails with bits of foil.. :) nice blue when it was wet..i knew it would go green though..but teena LIKES GREEN :) mooharhar

and now..this is the green tee everyone must live with and around for a while...mum reckons i look like walking mold...i reckon i look like a person with greenie dreadies..and i like it..hehe

eyes right (yes i do know left from right,my webcam mirrors things)

eyes left

salute right

salute left

and there you have it!!
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