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question! before you had dreads. did you have to comb your hair?? i'm thinking that maybe the reason that my hair is kind of undreading itself is because its has this naturally untangly derivative in it or something. hehe. ive never had to comb my hair cause it never got knotted. i just had to pat it down. haha. ok. it doesnt really matter. id like my dreads to look really nice sometime in my lifetime. but i dont really mind undreaded dreads. theyre dreaded. just. they come apart. little pieces and such. anyways. thats my question.

short story. im designing for a fashion show at my school (how exciting!!) and my models sugggested dreading their hair just for the fashion show. hehe.


this is one of the tops for the fashion show. its not that great. cause i just threw it together. anyways. see how you cant really see seperate dreads?? yeaaaa. ive had them for almost 2 months now.

and yes. my post is very random. and long. its how i think. you've now had a close up look at my thought pattern. lucky you. toodleloo!
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