the great nose bleed (undosyndir) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
the great nose bleed

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man, i haven't washed my hair in a month! xD

:| anyway.

everything is fine and dandy... yet with that root problem. its not really a problem, i kind of like the loose feel. i also like the loose hair around my face, anyway.... i've done the clockwise root twisting, whatever you want to call it - didn't work really... and i'm giving a little elastic a try.

any other tips though? thinking maybe some back combing and then hemp wrap the roots... that would take so much time though :|

but i guess its just time... eventually i know they will (should?) dread up as they grow. ha! its been 7 months. hoot for me. i could put up pictures.... but hey, i'm a lazy bastard.

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