Knee-coal (liquid_quaalude) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


so Ive been wanting dreads forever today I happened on a new dollar store that had a shit load of rubber bands for $0.50 and a great comb for backcombing...for $0.99 this thing is so strong..I think I could throw it into a jet engine and it would come out good as new!
so I havent washed my hair to get all my old shampoo out...I was gonna I just started messing around seing if i could start to form a dread....well after 15 mins or so and what I think might be the start of carpel tunnel syndrome...low & behold I have a dread!!!!and for my first dread what I think looks damn good...will try and post a pic tomorrow...I love how just one looks!
buttt there is always that but. My boyfreind dont seem to keen on them...he thinks I should be "presentable" for jobs (iam unempolyed and working hard to get a job) and my roomie and everyone sans the people on LJ,kim and sigi think there a bad idea...that i "will look like trash" yes i got told that!
I dont know what to do....are the right about the job thing?
I havent been hiered yet....
I think dreads are simply beautiful on women....but broke and jobless and low self esteem self has no idea what to do....
any advice I would love

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