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Weeh !! :)

Well, today it's official ! :)

My dreadies are EXACTLY 1.5 years old  ^-^

They were born on the 9th of October, at 2 pm (on a wednesday) in 2002  :D

I've never been happier with them (although the roots need some updating :S ) I do love the scragglyness of my tips but I'm considering to make 'em all round so that people won't nag anymore that my dreads need an 'update'  *rolls eyes*  Let them talk, I don't give a damn :)



You hardly noticed the difference between those two pics, didn't you ? ;)

Attack of the evil pitchfork shaped dreads !! 0.0

Hmm....what am I going to do next ? *thinks really hard*


What will happen next ? Oh no !! A kiss to the left, a 'OMG  what the fuck it THAT !!' scream to the right and ....

Voilà ! During my 'terrific photo shoots' I actually managed to ruin my last elastic (again) so that I'm forced to hold my hair together with two dreads :)

Now where are my cow slippers ?


As you all can see, I'm still madly in love with my babies  ^-^

So I'm going to give them a nice spunge bath today :) I'll spoil them to death ;)

~XxX~  Hillibo

PS.: big kisses to this community which gave me lots of useful tips to maintain that 'jungle' up there *points* :)

Wuff ju all  ^-^

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