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I figured I should update.
Plus I have a question.
My hair is coming along fine and has come a long way since August. For those of you who dont already know, I am going the all natural route. The pictures never do the hair justice and you cant see the individual locks, but whatever. There is a decent amount of undreaded hair but not too much. My only problem is that I have some monster dreads growing. Most of them are big but there is one that is a fuckin dinosaur tail. I like it, its cool but it wants to swallow up my whole head of hair and I'm not too keen on that. Anyway, I tried to wrap it in hemp (someone else did, actually) and it slipped out the day after. Plus getting it in good was difficult. I dont have anything in it right now, to keep it seperated, but if I leave it like this, I end up cutting it off of other parts of my hair and that cant be good (esp when I have to do this at least every couple of weeks). Oh, and I tried rubber bands on it and my hair eats them and I have to cut them out. So what the hell should I do to the dino tail?
Oh yeah, do you ever find stuff in your hair?
Sometimes I find hair elastics in mine. Somehow they get lost in there, but it's funny to me that my hair eats stuff. I cant count how many times I have found hair elastics or plant matter in there.
Anyway, here are the pictures.
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An up close of my face for no reason at all.
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