- (azazelle) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi y'all, still-unlocked newbie here.
All my life I thought I'll never dare to let my mane lock, because... well... seeing other white folks with nasty, manky, unwashed drain-hairmats they call "dreads" is kinda discouraging. [Too many people from around here think eschewing shampoo and coating their hair in all kinds of gunk is the way to go.]
So I tried to grow my hair long and pretty only to discover the mess at mid-back length doesn't intend to stay flowing longer than an hour after washing - it just wants to tangle itself in knots from roots to tips. I thought, hell, if it wants to, I'll let it! The day I'm done with my exams I'll part and palmroll it for a while. It's so curly and tangly it won't take long - I tested the approach on a snipped-off section. I have to admit the result does look kinda cute.

Question: I'm going to to crochet a tam, but I don't want to kill my baby locs with unsuitable fibers. What are y'all's tams made of? Cotton, wool, blends?
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