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Ropey !! Weeh !! :)

My dreads feel soooo nice today :)

Yesterday I did my weekly upkeep 'coz I washed my hair on Saturday. So, I took my trusty needles and started sewing like mad :) After doing this (at my own pace) for a couple of hours, I had 4 à 5 dreadies with round tips and the rest of them had the normal pitch forked tips ^-^ It's look kinda cool, this combo :) Now my hair isn't exactly at the same length anymore but I think it looks rad :) After the whole sewing session, I did the clockwise rubbing thingy on my roots, and that made them tight for the first time in *counts* 3 months :) I hadn't tried this before (I'm that lazy ;D ) but I'm glad I did. They actually feel like ropes right now and I couldn't be happier ^-^ *hugs them*

I'm scared for Saturday though :S That's washing day and I fear that the tight ropey feeling will be gone and that I'll have to start all over again :(

Wuff ju

~*XxX*~ Hillibo
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