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helllllp! my dandruff is really really bad and i guess im scared because i knew it was going to happen, but it's reallly noticeable. (and i've never had dandruff in my life even when i only washed my hair once a week pre dreads) yesterday my mom said it looks like someone dumped a bucket of sand on my head which....kinda sucks i guess. everybody keeps asking what the white stuff in my hair is. hahah. right now i'm okay with it because i know it's inevitable with new dreads but im scared it's gonna get caught in my dreads and you'll be able to see it forever or something.. thats not possible is it?? im sorry this probably doesnt make sense but i just woke up so there's my excuse.

i need help, tips, comments, love, peace, whatever. please and thank you<3

oh and here's a weird picture to make this less boring.
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