Mel (stillmotion) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hey all! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous dreaded hair!
Two summers ago my hair was real short - buzzed in fact. Funky but soon boring, so I decided to grow it. It's been growing free and unbrushed and is about shoulder length now. I plan to dread it very soon, but have a couple of difficulties I'm hoping you can help me with.
First. My hair's super excited about the dread idea and has gone ahead and started without me! (Ahem, or it's knotting up because I don't brush it...) So I've got these wild all-natural dreads. 5 of them. 2 should be able to be managed by adding in loose hair and back-combing them into a more uniform rope. The other 3, though, have joined together at their roots, starting to form a huge fat MEGA-DREAD!! Looks like a wide wad of a root (maybe 3 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick, 2 inches long) which splits into 3 normal sized wild wild dreads. Now, I'm all for dread love and solidarity... but I'm going to want to split these guys up. They're definitely dreaded - there's no possibility of combing them out, they've been knotting for months. So yeah, the question is: HOW do I break apart the MEGA-root? I guess I could carefully cut through with scissors and backcomb/sew any loose hairs in... Your thoughts?
Second. I'm vegan and therefore don't use any animal products. It's important to wax new baby dreads to help them tighten up and look all tidy (which is important for work this summer), right? BUT all the nice natural dread waxes (from Knotty Boy, etc.) contain beeswax - not vegan, therefore not usable by me. Anyone know of a vegan substitute?
[EDIT: Soo I've gotten some good wax advice... but no help yet on the MEGA-DREAD problem. Anyone??]
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