Kt (meowkat) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Just joined this community though I've watched it from time to time and read some good advice so I thought I'd ask if anyone can help me out with somethin. My dreads just turned 2 last month, they're still pretty thick and round even though they're really tight, so I normally avoid most hats cause they just don't fit right over my dreads. But today I picked up my cap and gown for my college graduation next month and just realized that somehow I have to wear the stupid mortorboard hat over my dreads! Of course, it's 'adjustable' but the elastic is stretched so much on the sides over my hair and then there's tons of extra room on top... so it looks really silly. (My friends think its a hilarious problem, but seriously I have to wear the stupid thing for like 2 hours!) Should I keep 'em tied back to keep them from poof-ing out on the sides, or try and stuff a few in the hat to have less to fit it over? Anyone have any good tips on how to make a hat work??

EDIT: To get an idea of what I'm dealing with, I added a picture
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