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I just took out my bands. My first intention was to leave them in for at LEAST a week, they didn't last 6 days :P

Can't complain though, my roots are rather tidy now :) But I bet as soon as I'll wash my hair, they'll be a bit looser again.

I don't seem to be having to work on my dreads a lot these days....when they were a bit younger I had to work on my roots, tips and the bodies of the dreads EVERYTIME I washed them :S I think it must be one of the advantages of when you decided to stick with the dreads a bit longer :) I've seen so many friends of mine cutting their dreads, just because they got sick of having to spend most of their time on their dreads :( One of them, David, didn't really dread his locks...he just put LOADS of gell in them which made them icky, rock hard (after a while) and sticky :S To prove you it was THAT sticky : we once found a flie in his hair, fighting for it's life :D Kinda gross but funny at the time ^-^

SO, point of this post is :

I stil wuff my dreadies ^-^

*hugs them* (~> yes, that's possible :P Ask the people I know, they'll tell you ;) )

~XxX~ Hillibo
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