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Magical purple cows, flying to the nappiest heaven you can imagine... ^-^

I was wondering...

Is it possible for your dreads to have a Blah-day ? I mean, they're not nice, but also not bad today :S The roots and the bodies of my dreads feel nice and tight, but the tips are a bit loose and...weird 0.o Well, the tips aren't really loose loose, if you know what I mean :) They're still tight enough ^-^

This feels weird :S

My dreads have had their good days, bad days, but I never knew they could have a blah-day ? :)

Teeh :)
It's like a little person that's living up there ^-^ And I keep feeding it with soap and water :P And every time I sew my dreads, it's like I'm healing the little peep from a bruise :D

Geesh...I gotta stop burning this much insense at once...look what it made me write 0.o
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