Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabbadoo (thefuriouscynic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabbadoo

Bathing with Dr. Bronner

I used to be a member of this community and then I stopped, for some unknown reason. Now I have re-joined. My dreads are quickly approaching their second birthday.

Yeah, uh... please ignore the text, which is out of context and has nothing to do with this community or dreadlocks in general. This just happened to be the only recent photo that somehow included the dreads that I could find, and unfortunately I'd already scribbled all over it.

Any way, question for you guys. The dreads really need a bath. I've been neglecting them for a while and I've decided to pamper them this weekend. However, I just realized that I ran out of the soap that I usually use to wash them. I do have some Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap (the liquid kind) in the house though.

Anyone ever washed their dreads with Dr. Bronner's soap before? Would you recommend it? Good idea/bad idea?

Thanks muchly,
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