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"Weeh !!"said the cow, and then it died...

Haah... :)

*gives her dreads a cookie for being so lovely today*

I LOVE the days when my dreadies are ^-^

Ooh, I have this friend, Hans, who goes to the same school as me, and we had a funny 'Hi dreadies' moment today ^-^

Me and Saartje went outside, whilst Hans just came inside. As he passes us, I noticed in the corner of my eye that he was looking at my hair. Just as I let go of the door, I look behind me, and see him pointing + looking at my dreadies :)
It looked like he was saying : "They look nice today" So I just waved and put my thumb up ^-^

This is what I like about our little 'when dreadhead meets dreadhead' moments :) They just show how nice the whole dread experience is, and how you are reminded of the fact that you share it with lots of other dreadheads ^-^

There's also a little guy at my school who just got his dreads like...a month ago. Everytime I see him, I feel like going up to him and show him how to do this or how to do that :) I think he puts lots of gel in his hair 'coz his dreads always look so...twisted and 'gelled' :P It would be nice to share the things that I know about dreadlocks with him, it might help him to get some wicked looking dreadies :) If I knew what I know now, I'm sure my locks would look faaar better than they do now.

next time I see the little dude, I'll go up to him and ask him if he'd like me to work on his dreadies a bit :)
and next times I see Hans, I'll tell him his dreadies look great ^-^ (forgot to tell him that when we saw each other in the hallway :P)

Thanks for listening to my daily crap ^-^
I'll leave you all to your hair now :)

*hands out some fruity shampoo*

Greetings, Hillibo :)
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