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I got my dreads put into an up-do for prom on Saturday night, and they looked totally cool. I'll post some pictures if I can.

Here's my question: My hairdresser used bobby pins and hair pins to put my hair up, because I didn't want her to use hair products at all, because a) it's difficult to get all of the product out of the dreads, and b) she said it was no problem to only use pins.

She used 60 of them, and they held the whole damn night. When I got home I took them out, all 60 of them (I honestly thought I'd still be finding them hidden in my dreads well into next week) and my dreads felt and looked tighter. I loved it. Then I got them wet in the shower, and the tightness went away a little. Do any of you guys sleep with your hair in a tight bun or have any other tightening methods that don't involve palm-rolling, sprays, or product? I know some wear beanies or tams to tighten, but I have neither of the two. I put my hair in a tight bun last night before bed and they felt a little tighter this morning when I took them out.
Any takers?

Thanks in advance, you guys are all so colorful and wonderful with your dreadness... :D
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