Danielle in Alaska (alaskadanielle) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Danielle in Alaska


I have an unprecedented and rather ridiculous medical bill to pay. In the spirit of trying not to completely freak OUT, I've decided to use my ultra-craftiness and put it to use!

I'm making and selling dread beads.

I have about one million colors. I've narrowed it down to this. Tell me what you want:

Color (red, orange, yellow, silver, gold, etc.)
Shiny or plain
Size : 1 (biggest, will fit four pencils), 2 (three pencils), 3(two pencils), 4 (2 pencils), 5 (1 pencil)
Design (solid, one stripe, two stripe, flower)

Sizes 1-3 will be $10 including shipping in US, sizes 4-5 will be $6 including shipping in the US.

If you are interested, email me here with your specifications (above) and I'll send you Paypal info: brazenhussy@knottyyarn.com

Or post your email in the comment thread.

If you are totally over-the-moon wanting to help me, I'll make you this necklace for $50:

Thanks for looking!
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