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Helloooo my little dreadios !! :D ~> that actually sounds like cereal :)

*has a magnificent idea*

OOH !! We should have our own cereal !! :D "Dreadios, now THAT'S the shit" :P

OOH !! We could even have a little contest in here to see which one of us can be on the box !! :D

Eh...what was I writing again ? Oh yeah ! :)

So, today I saw the little dreaded dude of which I talked about a few posts ago, and it was SO funny ^-^
We (my friend Karolien and me) had just finished our lunch and we stood up from our seats. We were walking to the other end of the cafeteria, when I saw him :)
I know he likes Hans' and my dreads, 'coz he always stares at our hair :P
I saw him staring again, so I walked up to him and said

"Hi ! I'm Hilde ! I've noticed you got yourself some dreads too, can I ask you how you work on them ? I mean, which methods do you use to keep them tight ?"

"..ehh..*stares*....methods ? What are you talking about ? 0.o"

"Well do you maintain your dreads ? Do you backcomb, twist & rip, clockwise rub them or...?"

"ehh..*still staring*...I backcomb them a lot and after I did that, I put LOADS of gel in them :) *looks proud*"

" know...*sees him stare again*...I shouldn't use gel if I were you. It can really mess up your dreads :S"

By now Hans has noticed us and he joins our 'conversation' :)

"Hey dude ! What's up ? :D"

"*stares at both of us now*.."

"I was just telling him about how gel can mess your dreadies up"

"you use gel ? Hmm...*grabs a dread of the little guy* You know what ? We can work on them for you if you want :)"

*eyes go like this ~> 0.0*

"really ? You'd do that for me ?? :D THANK YOU !!"

So, I basically ended up working on the little guy's hair all afternoon (Hans left after 15 minutes of work, bastard :P) I went up to him during our last break too so I could finish the last dreads as well :)
He looked SOOOO happy !! :D Which made me happy as well ^-^

Aaww, I wish I could do this a dayjob :P

*searches for old barbies so she can dread their hair too*
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