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i am excited for our dread meetup in PHILLY on the 23RD becuase my dreads are falling out and i need someone to fix them. if you did not know about this meet-up before. you do now. : )

do any of you try to fix your dreads that are in the back that you cant see?? im afraid im gonna mess them up even more. its kinda weird. they all dreaded together to form 2 huge dreads at the roots. but the rest of the dreads are underaded. like. just the roots are all dreaded together. but thats the only dreaded part. i think its kinda weird. and. yea. i wish it were fixed. ohwell.

oh and everyone in college. good luck with finals. i had 2 this past week and 5 during the next 3 days. goodness gracious. talk about stressfull. and what am i doing on the internet? ah. yea. my part time job: professional procrastinator.
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