Take Me to the Basement (hobochic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Take Me to the Basement

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so, ive been a little bit distant lately...

my love goes out to all the newish folk to the community that i probably wanted to welcome. and a whats up to the old school members. lol

so itll be a year come the end of summer(ish) into the dread era of my life. ive never in my life been so attatched to my hair and a nice tight knit community like this only fuels that attatchment.

a pioc

and a couple more

a little up do thing, all the talk about prom hair made me wish i had dreads for my senior prom, haha. im a dork.

i almost always wear them with some wrap or bandana or something, but heres my hair just down.

one of my knew favorite ways to wear my hair

peace =]
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